How did it get started

These are some other projects where i’ve been working on. These go from print to UI/UX and various other projects. Some may be smaller, others some more detailed. For additional information you can always contact me.

Decathlon design

Because of my employment at Decathlon I had the chance to work at the design department at the headquarters. Most of the work is used as print design and visual presentation on digital screens in and around Decathlon stores.

Decathlon webshop

Decathlon is a French company from origin. Major decisions in Decathlon Nederland have to be communicated with the management there. There for the headquarters of Decathlon Nederland wanted to make smaller changes on the webshop that didn’t require the judgement from France.

The head of design asked me to make designs of the ‘add to cart’ section on the product pages. These designs were implemented and A/B tested to see if they caused for better sales.

Jarvis Winch

The Jarvis Winch was the biggest project I had while working at Slo-Rid. Slo-Rid is a company that produces different products. They focus more on container mixers for the pharmaceutical and food industry. In the 60’s the company was important in the shipping industry. Slo-Rid had still some contact and I needed to design a 3d model of the Jarvis Winch.

The Javis Winch is a device used on the deck of a ship to use the sails. A customer needed multiple of these Jarvis Winch, but all of the drawings that Slo-Rid had were outdated and needed to be digital. This is where I stepped in. I’ve designed every single part of the Jarvis Winch from the old drawings using Solidworks.