How did it get started

In the first quarter of 2018 Decathlon Nederland changed their hierarchy, a more flat one. This meant that there were no more department managers that would oversee and recruit new employees. This change was made because so there would be a smaller difference between the management and the sales employees. With this change the whole integration process as they knew it was gone.

New employees encountered this problem at first hand. They didn’t get the proper accompaniment and there for only could not take in new information to do their jobs. On this part I stepped in and created a integration application that would help new employees.

Additional information

This application is only designed for smartphone, since the new employees would be able to use it on first hand when they are working in the store. Every employee has a smartphone of Decathlon on them while working. I’ve been working on this project for six months with frequent testing of at least five to ten new employees. All of the given information in the application is based on the deskresearch and testing. Some of the information topics are: Summary introduction, checklist, colleagues, store/online tools and product knowledge.

What does it represent?

For new employees this is a chance to get more confident and educated in the work they will be doing. It will also benefit the customers in the store now they can rely on the information given by new employees. I’ve made a short video with reactions of new employees what they thought about my project and me as a designer.

Would you like to see the prototype of the application, made with Adobe Xd? Please click on this link.