Ideas and designs

How did it get started

With different teams we were invited by to work on designs. wanted new or inspiring ideas to implement on their webshop. My partner and I have been working on the ‘repeat purchases’ part of the webshop. Some examples of these kind of products are: Perfume, diapers, toothpaste. The same products that you would buy once in a while. acknowledged that designing for the repeat purchases a challenge was. This because of the specific products and how to display them to the customers.

We had three meetings in total at the HQ where we presented the designs and ideas to the head of their design department together with two of her colleague’s.

Idea 1

The first idea was to a new title to the navigation on the top right corner, specially called ‘repeat purchases’. Clicking on this text will redirect the customer to a page where all of the products, placed in the repeat purchases category. This in style as is using now.

On the right image the customer can filter on the repeat purchases, with a lot of the same filter options used that is using at their current system.

Idea 2

With this idea the customers would get relevant products in a pop-up after they placed a product in their shopping cart. In the images above the examples are: after placing a game from EA in the shopping cart the customer would see relevant games from the same developer. This is something that didn’t do in that time.


We gave frequent and less frequent shoppers of a scenario to test our designs. They would browse through a couple of screens by clicks until they reached the design our interest would go to. With this screen we tracked the eye movement of the test subject with a eye tracker that placed it in heatmaps. With this we wanted to test the assumptions we had on our idea and designs.